Furrow tree planter

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Furrow tree planter RZS-1 / RZS-2

Furrow tree planter RZS-1 / RZS-2

Furrow tree planter is to be used for mechanical planting of bareroot or containerized saplings (with root system up 8cm) on surfaces after clearcutting with tree stumps not higher than the space between the surface and tractor’s chassis. The tree planter is adapted to front-wheel drive tractors with more than 50kW of power and is also compatible with LKT-81.

Connecting the tree planter to a tractor is possible by the upper or three-point suspension system. Functioning is enabled after plugging the planter to the tractor’s hydraulic system with ISO connection. Planters are manufactured in Czech Republic Skolni Lesni Podnik Masarykuv Les Krtiny.


Tree planter is operated by one (RZS-1) or two (RZS-2) workers. Worker sitting on the left side from the colter, controls the lifting and the depth of planting with a foot lever.

Performance – one-year pine

Daily tree planter performance varies from 8000 up to 12000 trees.

Performance – two-year pine

In case of two-years pines and deciduous species the performance rate is 6000 up to 10000 trees.


Tree planter is excellent to use on highly stumped areas.

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